Monday, 30 January 2012

Fat Cat, Little Brother, Amy Butler Blanket and the FA Cup

This weekend has been a good one! It started off with a magnificent victory for Liverpool over our arch rivals, Manchester United in the FA Cup. It has been a lean few decades with a few notable exceptions (Champions League) following Liverpool, so victories like this are to be cherished. Next round is home to Brighton...The celebrations carried on from there, with my 'little' brother's 39th birthday on Saturday, which was a quiet affair for reasons you'll see in a minute- just a family tea at my parent's house.

Sunday was a cold and early start to watch the above mentioned brother run a metric marathon along the 'Strawberry Line' cyclepath, a distance of 26.2 km. He ran with a friend, and they managed to finish in 2 hours 35 minutes- an excellent time especially given that the temperature couldn't have been more than a couple degrees above freezing! They ran for a charity too, with my brother requesting sponsorship instead of birthday presents. He is turning into a lovely person in his old age!

Over the weekend I've made more progress on the blanket, with 3 strips finished and 4 out of 10 done on the next strip. It's growing at last, which is encouraging:

Amy Butler picnic rug/ blanket knitted in Debbie Bliss yarn!
 Today has seen me take our fat cat to the vet for his annual boosters. Unfortunately, not only does he has to go back next week for tartar removal, he has been recognised as being overweight and has to go to see the nurse. I'll be going to Pets at Home later to stock up on 'lighter' food for him, and he is going to have to start going out for more frequent excercise each day (we've had a number of battles recently resulting in blood loss for me). If I have to lose weight and get fit, so does he!

So cute when he's snuggled up- but he's doing a bit too much of this!
 It's been snowing all morning although it's too wet outside to settle at the moment. I'm hoping that it stays cold for a while longer, even without any snow, so I can get to wear the lovely, warm chunky snood and hat I knitted last year in anticipation of a winter like last year! Now it's time for a cuppa, a catch up on last night's tv (Birdsong), a bit more of January's book as I only have 2 days left to finish it (On the Road- 100 pages to go!!!) and some more knitting. How I love Mondays as I'm not at work...


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