Monday, 23 January 2012

January so far...

I set myself some knitting/crafty targets for this year rather than my standard resolutions, as I might do better with these!

1: Now that I can knit basic cables I want to make a proper sized item using a cabled design
2: Learn to knit socks (with the help of Suzie at The Wool Sanctuary)
3: Try knitting a fair isle design
4: Learn to crochet
5: Finish my summer picnic throw/ blanket (see below)
6: Make more jams, jellies, chutneys and liquers
7: Sort my garden out after the devastation it suffered last year with demolishing our old garage and rebuilding a new one- get the veg/ fruit patch back in action
8: Make home made gifts for birthdays and Christmas for those that will appreciate them!
9: Read more (see below)
10: Start blogging

I think that's quite a bit to be going on with for 2012...but they are all things I want to do rather than I feel I have to do, so I'm hoping that one by one they get ticked off through the year.

I was given a kindle for Christmas by my hubby, Chris, which to my great suprise, as a lover of 'real' books, is great! I now have a good selection of free or cheap downloads to read at my leisure to compliment the shelves of real books I already have.
I made my own list of classics to read one a month this year, I'm also reading a children's classic a month selected by a friend and books from my work book club, along with anything else that grabs me. Done and dusted in January are:
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (work book club for December!)
Wind in The Willows by A A Milne (from the children's book list)
Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson (work book club for Jan)- LOVED this!
I'm still plodding with On the Road by Jack Keroac (my classic list) which isn't quite what I thought it would be and isn't very inspiring, but I'll stick with it...

I've finished that Cath Kidston neck scarf kit that I was given for Christmas. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the yarn, but it looks nice knitted up.

I'm still working on my Rowan picnic throw/blanket made using Debbie Bliss yarn, almost done strip 3 out of 8, so this one isn't going to be finished soon! I pick it up in between other projects so it's in and out of the work bag.

Should keep me going for a bit...

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  1. I volunteer to teach you crochet! If you can put up with my constant babble!