Monday, 6 February 2012

Another week has gone by- this year is starting to fly already...

I had a lovely weekend, spending Saturday morning with my fellow knitters at The Wool Sanctuary knit club. It's always a great way of spending a few hours chatting away as we knit. I was pleased to be able to update them with my blanket progress (I am now officially more than half way) although was horrified to find out that Debbie Bliss have now discontinued one of my six colours! After coming home and going through my stash, I think I have enough of it to last me- I've done myself a grid of the different squares and colours so I can keep track of them and not have the same colour squares next to each other on different strips (that's heading towards OCD behaviour isn't it?). I did stock up on the other five colours, so I can finish it, it just might have slightly less light blue!

The discontinued Debbie Bliss yarn

Blanket square in moss stitch using the discontinued yarn

As I'm knitting quite a bit at the moment, I've also (all by myself!) added a little widget to my side bar to keep track of my progress. It will be interesting to see how much I do by the end of the year! I'm still working on the blanket, but will also be making another cafetiere cosy for my mum as she's very well-to-do (!) and has two cafetieres and the one I knitted for her at Christmas doesn't fit the everyday pot...I've also bought some more yarn so I can do another cushion for Woolsack for the Olympics. This is a nice portable project so will be coming with me when my daughter has her next gym competition at the end of the month. They're great events, but it means sitting there all day for a 2 minute routine, so I need something to keep me occupied, and this is a lovely scheme. Take a look at them here: or on facebook.

Remember how last week I wanted some prolonged cold weather? It really was a case of be careful what you wish for in the end, as it was a very cold week with snow on Saturday. Still I was finally able to wear my hat and snood!

Big Button Hat in the snow!

I am happy to report that fat cat is safely back home now, minus tartar and one small tooth. He has a shaved patch on his leg, but looks fine apart from that...and it only cost me £110.02!!! Bless him!

February sees me move onto my next classic read too- it's George Orwell's '1984' this month. I've made a start on it and am enjoying it so far. I was so glad to finish January's book, 'On the Road by Jack Keroac. How that ever got to be a classic I will never know. Still it's done and I never have to read it again!

Finally, tomorrow is an important day for the family as my father-in-law starts a 9 week course of chemo. Much positive thinking is required, so feel free to add your thoughts to ours.



  1. Hello my dear, greetings from around the corner! Well done on setting up your blog, it looks great. I am coveting your knit meter, so am going to pinch that idea.

    I tried On The Road once and couldn't get on with it either - I gave up part way through. I liked 1984 though, very thought-provoking.

    Have you thought about looking on Ravelry for your discontinued Debbie Bliss? I think people sell or swap their stashes on there.

    Good luck to your father-in-law.


  2. Hey Ali...
    How i love your blogs they always make me smile :)

    OMG i reckon Amy will be on masterchef soon...look at the size of those truffles.. i think i definately need to come and sample one of those.

    Hope that Dave is getting on ok with the start of his treatment, send him our love and we shall keep our fingers n toes crossed for him.

    i think Ali i may like a snood ... i am prepared to wait tho for all your other projects to any time in the next 3 years lol .

    Take care see you all soon