Monday, 21 May 2012

It's all about the garden

Well, finally we've had some decent weather and have been able to get on with the garden. It's an exciting time as it's starting to look like a garden again rather than an abandoned building site. Over the last couple of weekends we've had 3 tonnes of topsoil delivered, which we've had to wheel-barrow from the front garden to the back. It's meant we can level the garden off to lay new turf, build up the border to plant in and create my 3 new raised vegetable planters. I've been able to acquire lots of new plants for the border, from bargain corner at my local garden centre, the local horticultural society sale and from gardening friends. I've mainly gone for perennials with white, pink, purple or red flowers and varying shades of foliage.  Much to Amy's disgust I've avoided the bright, shouty yellows and oranges so I get a calm and peaceful border!

A favourite of mine- a beautiful viola

The vastly improved garden
Another favourite- a nemesia
 My vegetable planters are looking good now too- although the photograph doesn't do them justice! I have one devoted to potatoes (2 varieties), one with runner beans, broad beans, onion and lettuce (2 varieties) and one with climbing french beans (when the seeds come up that is!), purple sprouting broccoli and onions. I'm growing lettuce (3 varieties), tomatoes (2 varieties) and cucumber (when the seeds come up) in the greenhouse too, not to mention the herbs in the new raised bed by the back door. When they all grow and flourish we will be enjoying a bumper crop!

Two of my new veggie beds

There's still more work to be done at the end of the garden- probably another tonne of topsoil to fill the border (and the tree stump hole) before I can finish planting up the border. My last remaining raspberries can finally move from their containers on the patio to join the rest of the raspberry bushes at the end wall. I'm hoping for enough to make a batch of home grown raspberry jelly this year.

Knitting wise, I have done very little as my time has been devoted to the garden. I still have to finish Harry Hill's knitted character for Moira and sew up my Woolsack cushion so it can be posted off. Only then will I start a new project...strangely it will most likely be a hot water bottle cover for the flower show in July! I have just bought some lovely material to make Jubilee bunting which will hopefully be a fairly simple and quick project to make. Once it's done, it will be coming out for every occasion and celebration we have!

Even my reading has been pretty quiet as I recover from the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy. I'm still poldding with 'Mrs Dalloway' although I am beginning to lose the will to live with it, so am reading another chick lit by Trisha Ashley 'Wedding Tiers' before I get stuck into 'The Report' by Jessica Francis Kane.

Finally, it was Chris' birthday last weekend, so I gave him the day off from gardening to celebrate. We went to Cheddar and had a lovely pub lunch.

Husband and daughter in the sunshine!

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  1. Wow the garden is looking fab Ali...such a lot of effort and hard work, so hope you are well rewarded with your crop.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx