Friday, 4 May 2012

New arrival

Just a little blog today as there is really only one piece of news, but it's lovely news, so that's OK! My cousin Sally had her first baby, a healthy boy, on Tuesday 1st May. He weighed 7lb 13oz and is called Harrison. He's the first grandchild of my auntie and uncle too, so it's even more special. Congratulation all!!

Sally and Harrison

I had been meaning to knit some booties for the baby (as I've obviously I've known of his impending arrival for some time) but as usual left it to the last minute. I had almost finished them by the time he was born, but was stuck on the final part of the pattern. Fortunately I saw Mrs D at WI craft club and she magnificently worked out the pattern and showed me what to do. I got home, finished the last bit of knitting, did my usual check on facebook and discovered Harrison had arrived. Mrs D is now my hero for sorting me out in the nick of time! I'll be posting the booties off on Tuesday after I've shown them off at tomorrow's knit club at The Wool Sanctuary.

'Tootsie' booties in Rowan handknit cotton

I've learnt my lesson and will now start on Harry Hill's knitted character for my friend Moira's retirement at the end of May so that it's ready in time!

Finally, I'm keeping everything crossed from 5:15 Saturday until approximately 2 hours later...not confident, but ever hopeful. Come on you reds!!

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