Sunday, 3 June 2012


Well, it's been a while since I updated my blog, but not a lot has been going on really.

We had beautiful weather last week, so the garden has been flourishing. We've cut the new grass twice now which was an exciting event as we know it's taken well, but will soon to become a chore no doubt! The veggies are settling in and growing, especially the salad crops in the greenhouse, not long now until we'll be eating fresh lettuce. All my seeds have now come up, so I have lots of cucumber, french bean and broad bean plants to pot on soon before they can go out. The flowers in the border are looking good too, and so far, nothing has died since being planted out!

Not content with finishing the 'green' bit of the garden, Chris has now taken up the old patio. Yesterday we spent laying the sub-base and moving one crate of sandstone slabs from the front drive to the back garden. Thank goodness we had a wheelbarrow, the slabs are really heavy- I'm not going to need a gym workout with all the weight lifting this weekend. This morning we moved the second crate, slab by slab, to the back garden. There's another crate to go, but those are for putting by the front door, a later project, so the crate on the drive could be a feature for a little while yet. We're hoping to start laying the slabs tomorrow if it stays dry. I don't know how long it's likely to take as we have a 6m by 4m patio plus a path around the garage to could be a while! In the meantime, here's the slabs, they're supposed to be 'fossil sandstone' (with the 'fossil' actually being a kind of algae I think) although not many of them have any 'fossil' marks, but they have a lovely hue to them and should look great when they're down!

the 'fossil' in the sandstone

Lovely colours and textures

They aren't in their final positions, just stored for now!

Last night we entertained the whole of the Norty Corner. They came over for the evening, with the youngsters playing various games on the Wii and the PS3, while us oldies reminisced about the eighties as we listened to 'Absolute 80's''s strange how we can all remember the lyrics to songs we didn't even particularly like at the time, not to mention an extraordinary amount of obscure information about various people, yet can I remember why I came upstairs most of the time??

Finally, Moria at work retired this week after almost 23 years. We had a lovely send off for her, with a lunchtime meal the day before and an office street party for the Jubilee on her last day (a happy coincidence of timings). As well as the office present, I wanted to make her something personal. She'd mentioned a while back that she'd always wanted a Harry Hill's 'Knitted Character' hoping she wasn't joking, I made her one. In the TV show there was a whole storyline about the 'K Factor' a knitted version of the X Factor, for knitted characters. In the end, the main character turned out to be crocheted not knitted, which was the punchline, but as I can't crochet, I found a knitting pattern, and here he is:

She was very suprised to receive him, and really did seem pleased!

Well, that's it for now, I'm off to watch some of the Thames Pagaent now, and hopefully make the bunting I was supposed to do last week...

More updates later in the week as we have a street party in our road on Tuesday which should be fun. Fingers crossed for the weather...

Have a good Jubilee weekend all



  1. It's so nice to get out into the garden isn't it? Those slabs look so nice and the fossil embedded in it makes it look super special. Will look fab when all the hard work is done and you can sit and relax with chairs etc on top of it!

    1. Thanks for that and for reading! We have made a bit more progress now, but the weather has been terrible. Still everything is growing at least. I am looking forward to the realxing bit when it's finished- if we ever get any sunshine!