Sunday, 10 June 2012

Twitter and Woolsack Cushions

Well, it has to be said, for a technophobe, I'm doing well, I have a facebook account, set my blog up at the start of the year, and have now dived headfirst into the world of Twitter! I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing, but I have sent and received tweets, re-tweeted, followed and am being followed! It's a strangely addictive world that I have to blame Debbie, my aerobics teacher/ Amy's gym coach for, as the gym club set up a twitter account to keep us up-to-date with news from the World Championships. So far it's been great, and also quite useful, especially with Woolsack...

As you may remember, I've been knitting cushions for the Woolsack project for the Olympics- they aim to give a handmade cushion (knitted, crocheted, felted, weaved) made and stuffed with British wool to all Olympic athletes (GB and internationally) that want one as a gift/souvenir of the games. I finished my first one in November, but made the cardinal sin of forgetting to take a photograph of the finished item, I only have one of the first side:

One side of my 1st cushion knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed using Woolsack's 'Shadowlines' pattern

I took it along to a knitting show in Exeter where I'd helped to get Woolsack a stand, and I sewed it up and stuffed it there, leaving it with them with a little note attached to the recipient from me wishing them luck in the Olympics. I then started on cushion No 2 and finally finished the sewing up (I hate that bit) last week and posted it off to be stuffed. I did remember to take a photo of this one (with temporary stuffing!):

One side of my second cushion

The other side of the second cushion- knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed

I've been keeping up with news from Woolsack on facebook, and now Twitter. Imagine my surprise when they posted a photo last week of some cushions that were sent to the GB Archery first one was there! At least it looks very like it, so I'm claiming it! I'm not sure if it has gone to Olympic or Paralympic team, but either way, it's found a recipient, which I'm really pleased about! Here's the photo of the cushions so you can compare my picture of the first side to the archer's finished cushions- I'm sure it's the same one:

Woolsack cushions for GB Archery -mine is at the front, 2nd in on the right

GB Paralympic Archery Team
 Inspired by this, I've ordered more British wool to try and knit another cushion, superfast this time, as time is ticking away and it needs to be done as soon as possible!
Whilst all this excitement has been going on, the poor organisers of Woolsack have been having a nightmare trying to distribute the cushions to athletes. Despite originally being promised an area in the Olympic Village where they could have a stand to hand out cushions, things have changed drastically. They aren't allowed this space now (something to do with corporate sponsors as far as I can tell) and aren't allowed to approach athletes, teams or countries to let them know about the scheme! It's farcical, and because of this, is finally getting national press because of this (they were even on BBC Breakfast news on yesterday morning, knitting as they were interviewd!). Fortunately, Woolsack aren't giving up, and are getting the word out there- the tv appearance resulted in 100's of emails to the organisers, many of which were athletes. In my own small way I've helped too- back with Debbie and her husband Nigel who run Amy's gym club. They are also bigwigs in the world of aerobic gymnastics and know a lot of people. They were attending a British Gymnastic Awards night last night in Telford, and took up print outs I did of the Woolsack information and passed them onto the GB rhythmic gymnastic team, so they can now be involved if they want to. I'm really grateful to Debbie and Nigel for doing this. To top off their night, one of our club's volunteers won the 'Volunteer of the Year' award, which is brilliant both for her and the club. Well done Jess!

If you want to follow me on twitter I'm @aliknits1509 and you'll be very welcome! If you want to find out more about Woolsack, they are on twitter as @woolsackuk  their web address is: and they are on Facebook as Woolsack. There is still time to get knitting a cushion, just check out the regulations on the website first! Amy's amazing gym club is Weston Aerobic Gymnastics whose website is:

Finally, good luck to my father-in-law who is going into hospital my a major operation to remove his cancerous tumour and stomach as a preventative measure...we've all got our fingers crossed that it goes as planned xx

Thanks for reading, have a good week all!

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