Sunday, 29 July 2012

Awards and prizes

Just a quick blog between events at the Olympics!

This weekend has been a winning one! It was the local Flower Show again, so as a dutiful committee member, I entered various categories and coerced those around me to do the same...My Dad takes it very seriously, and enters the Domestic Science with gusto! He's been practising and perfecting for weeks now, but his hard works paid off. He got first prize for his shortbread, apricot fudge, cheese scones, individual quiche and cheese straws! Not bad Dad!

The triumphant shortbread!
Mum hadn't planned on entering, but I entered a jumper she'd made in the craft section, and lo and behold, she won first prize, much to her amazement!

Mum's 'The Killing' inspired jumper
I entered some broad beans which came second and got a first prize for my hot water bottle cover. Sadly my other items didn't win, but I can't say I'm suprised having seen the other entries!

Unfortunately, the show was quite poorly attended this year, and entries in the flower and vegetable classes were down due to the dreadful weather we've been experiencing. Fingers crossed for a better show next year.

Today, Amy, Chris and I went along to a local event run by the Lions Club, a real ale festival. We weren't there to drink though, Amy was there as one of the representatives of her gym club as they were presented with a £350 cheque by the Lions club. Lots of other local groups received cheques too, which was lovely.

WAG receiving their cheque

I have to say the Olympics is amazing. We've managed to watch quite a bit so far, and are really enjoying it. The opening ceremony was fantastic, especially the lighting of the cauldron and Her Majesty the Queen entering into the spirit of it with her Bond film! The GB men's and women's gymnastic teams have performed brilliantly too, so it's looking good for the finals. We have tickets for the tennis at Wimbledon on Tuesday and are really excited about that. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain all day though, as we're on Court 1 which hasn't got a roof...

Finally, Mum finished her most 1st Woolsack cushion and I finished my 4th, and we're both onto the next ones now!

Mum's cushion on the left, mine on the right
That's it for now, will blog about our Olympic experience later in the week!
Go Team GB!

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