Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer has arrived!

Just last week, Amy's school sports day was cancelled due to yet more rain and things were looking bleak for the six week school holiday. Fast forward a few days and we had a beautiful weekendof sunshine, and (whispering) it's still looking good!!

We took Amy to Westonbirt Arboretum along with 5 of her friends and some other parents on Friday evening, so they could see their favourite group, 'The Wanted' in concert. I hadn't been looking forward to it as they aren't my cup of tea really, but they were better than I thought, and the girls were in seventh heaven! It really took me back to my Duran Duran days in the 1980's!!

I spent Saturday wandering around Taunton for 7 hours on my own while Amy went on a course to be a helper at her gym club which was great. Luckily I took my knitting and found a bench in a little park, so sat and knitted for several hours when I was bored with shopping. I did find myself a lovely 'knitted' owl too!

Woolsack cushion No 4

'knitted' owl
In the evening we were all invited along to the Norty Corner, as Mr & Mrs N were having a 22nd wedding anniversary BBQ! It was a lovely evening after a long day!

Yesterday, Chris managed to finish laying the patio that we optomistically though we'd get done in the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, it just needs grouting, then I'll be photographing it! I managed to tackle the bindweed in the front garden to stop it strangling the flowers- they've had it tough enough already this year! The garden looks so much better after just a few days of sunshine. I might even get some beans, cucumbers and tomatoes if it keeps up! It was also nice to see the return of butterflies and bees, it's been such a wet summer for them so far, they've been struggling.

A busy bee on my lavender
Today was another beautiful day, and I had some quality (if expensive) time with Amy as we both had our hair done then we popped into town a bought her new school blazer for September. Town was packed as there was an air display on. We didn't see  the whole thing as it was on throughout the day, but we did watch from the seafront when the Red Arrows came. I don't know why it is, but I really do love the Red Arrows. They didn't disappoint either doing another great display!

The Red Arrows - I love them!

So, finally as promised last time, my exciting news of the week was that I managed to give Woolsack Cushion No3 to local paralympic athlete,the sprinter, Ben Rushgrove, in person! He was invited along to our WI group to talk to us about his preparation for London 2012. When I found this out last month, I asked if I could give him my cushion. Woolsack gave me the green light, so last Tuesday I did just that! I did apologise that the colours weren't very masculine, but when I made it, I had no idea it would be going to him! He was absolutely great, he gave us a fantastic talk. He was the first paralympic athlete to achieve a time of under 25 seconds in the 200m.  He also won a silver medal in the 100m at the Games in Beijing in 2008 and brought along the medal, and others for us to see. It sounds corny, but listening to him was inspirational, hearing about his training, injuries and the fact that when he races in London this year, all of his training could come down to being just 1/100th of a second faster then the guy behind him to win a medal!  He certainly ended up with a few more fans by the end of the night and we'll be cheering him on when he competes in the 100m and 200m in September.
Ben with his silver medal from Beijing

Ben and me (I really don't do photos...)

Quite an action packed week all in all! This week looks to be much quieter, just moving offices at work tomorrow and Wednesday then helping out with the local Flower Show on Friday and Saturday. Fingers crossed for my entries...unbeknown to my Mum, I'm entering her into it too, with a beautiful fair isle jumper she made for Amy!

I've almost finished Woolsack cushion No4 (thanks to Saturday!) and Mum has nearly finished her first cushion and fortunately my the first half of my new yarn, donated by Woolsack, arrived this morning ready for the next two...should keep us out of trouble!!

Have a great week all!

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