Thursday, 30 August 2012

Woolsack Cushions- it's all over

Well, that's it, finished in the nick of time for the Paralympics, my final cushion was posted 2 days before the deadline! I managed to make 5 cushions in the end, all very basic, but hopefully someone will be happy with them!

My first cushion (top left with Murray and top right, on the ground) went to paralympic Archery for Team GB, Murray Elliot, who sent me a lovely tweet with a photo of him with the cushion to say thanks! He's Scottish and chose the cushion as it was knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed. My second cushion was also knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed and was reversible red/grey or pink/grey. My third cushion was special to me as I was able to present it to Team GB paralympic sprinter Ben Rushgrove, who came to my WI and did an amazing talk for us. This was also knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed, in grey and lavender (I didn't know I was knitting for a man when I started it!) in a Fibonacci stripe patternfrom the Woolsack website. My fourth cushion was knitted using Woolsack donated yarn and was just stripes using the small amounts of coloured yarn I was sent. My final cushion was knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed aran in gold and green colours (until I ran out of gold on the back) using the same 'Shadow lines' pattern as my first cushion, from the Woolsack website.

I've thoroughly enjoyed knitting the cushions and feeling that in some small way I was being part of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

If you want to see other cushions and how the whole project went, go to: and be amazed at how the whole project came together and some of the beautiful cushions people made- true works of art.

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  1. What a great way to commenmorate the olympics and an extra thrill to be able to give a cushion to a gold medalist in person.