Monday, 24 September 2012

September round-up

Crikey, it's been over three weeks since I've updated, so I guess I'd better get on with it!

August finished on a high with Amy's last gym competition of the year- The Heathrow International. The competition is held over three days, with Amy's level, RAC on the first day. We arrived there at 11:30am, only to find out the time they were competing was 6:00pm! It was a long day, but luckily I took my knitting with me!

Amy and Jenny were competing in the pairs again, up against not only their big rivals from their club, Ben and Charlotte, but another pair from the club and two other pairs from different clubs. We were running 30 minutes late by now, so at 6:30 they went on as first of the five but only scored 12.50, a lower score than their previous competitions, even though the routine went pretty well, just missing out scoring one move. Ben and Charlotte had tweaked their routine making it a higher value routine if they scored it all, and they did with a new PB of 13.65! Amy and Jenny comfortably held onto silver which they were pleased with in the end.

At just gone 7pm it was then time for the six team to compete, which Amy loves. They were just against themselves again, but did a great routine, with a score of 11.263 to get their second gold as a six team.

Another gold for the six team

Amy & Jenny with their silver and gold medals


The club as a whole over the 3 days of competition at RAC, NAC and FIG levels came away with over 40 gold medals! Not a bad result at all.

That was the last time Amy will compete at RAC level as she and a few others have been invited to go to the next level, NAC from October. Things will get tough from now on, she'll be training 3 times a week and far more intensively. I've got my fingers crossed that Jenny can take up the place she's been offered too...

After the high of a successful competition it was back down to Earth for the start of a new school year. This year saw the Norty Corner's middle son start at the same secondary school as Amy, so I took the opportunity of getting a photo of them together on the first day. I can't believe Amy is a year 9 now!

Now, massive congratulations to Ben Rushgrove, the recipient of my Woolsack Cushion No3, who won a bronze medal in the T36 men's 200m sprint at the London 2012 paralympics!! Amazing result Ben, so pleased for you- having WOW-WI cheering you on must have given you that little bit extra!!

Ben on his Victory Parade in Bath (Wikipedia)
I really enjoyed the paralympics, having never really seen much of it in Beijing 2008. The athletes are beyond amazing. What a tremendous sporting summer we had. I'm still a bit lost without the Olympics and Paralympics to watch.

We finally managed a quick trip to one of our favourites places, Lyme Regis, but the forecast sunshine didn't really materialise, although the wind did!

Lyme Regis

This weekend saw a lovely family event, my parents 45th Wedding anniversary! Here's the happy couple. We celebrated with a meal out and my brother and I gave them a family photo session which we'll be using sometime to mark the event.

Mum and Dad on their 45th wedding anniversary

I have been doing some knitting too- I'll be posting off the hats I've made for the Innocent Smooties Big Knit for Age UK when I've finished the last couple. I'm also about halfway on my Derrecho Shawl which I'm making from leftover British wool from the Woolsack cushions.

Finally, the last couple of weeks have been very revealing both to Liverpool FC fans and the world in general with the publication of a long over due, thorough and detailed investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster of 15 April 1989. The level of corruption and coverup by people and instutions which we should be able to trust is staggering. This starts to give some Justice for the 96 victims of the disaster and their families, although far more needs to be done now the extent of the lies is known. RIP to the 96- You'll Never Walk Alone x

Hillsborough Memorial, Anfield from our trip there in 2007

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