Monday, 5 November 2012

October - it's been and gone already!

Well, it's been a while again, and more than a whole month has gone by!

Although I check back regulary to read other blogs, I'm not entirely convinced that anyone reads this, so it hasn't been a priority!

Beautiful autumn rainbow
October has been a pretty slow month really. Things are just back in the normal routine of work and school for the three of us. My work never really changes as I've been doing the same job since 1988!

Chris is starting to have to travel again for his work - off to Barrow-in-Furness, London, West Lindsey and Sheffield so far...but we can't complain, he's been working from home a lot over the summer which was good. It's just a shame that he's driving long distances just as the nights draw in and the weather changes.

Amy is back into school and doing well. Over the next few months she'll be choosing her GCSE options, so I guess this is the calm before the storm! Things have changed for her at gym though, and she's now training with the NAC team. Her partner for the last year wasn't able to move up too as she was dancing on the training nights. Amy has now been matched up with 2 of the existing NAC team to be a trio. The other two girls are lovely and she's really enjoying the training, even though there's more of it and it's more intense. The club had their annual awards night a few weeks ago, and she performed her old pairs and six-team routines for the last time! No awards for her, but as a family we didn't go home empty handed...much to my acute embarrassment I got an award!! It was for services to the club in social media- mainly Twitter. Before the last 2 competitions the club has been in, I hit upon the idea of tweeting various celebs that I follow on Twitter so ask them to wish Amy and the club good luck. It's been a great success, with messages from the Olympic GB Bronze medalist Beth Tweddle, British Rythmic Gymnastic Team, Danny Purvis from the bronze medal winning Men's Gymnastic team, Gabby Logan, David James, paralympian Gold Medal winner Richard's been great and the club have loved getting the messages. Anyway, because of this, I was given the award of 'Top Twit'! What an honour!!

My first ever gymnastics trophy...
 As the evenings have been getting colder I've been doing more knitting. I've very nearly finished my 'Derecho' shawl, I've got about half of one block to do, then a small border around it. Fingers crossed I can do that in the next 3 days o I can give it to my Mum for her birthday!!

Derecho shawl - almost finished!
When that's finished I have a Debblie Bliss baby blanket lined up for one of Chris' work colleagues, whose first baby, a boy, is due towards the end of January. I'm also taking the plunge and will be making myself a top that was in 'Knit Now' magazine. I ordered the Rowan aran yarn from Suzie on Saturday when I was at the Wool Sanctuary for knit club last weekend, and I'm hoping it will be here in time for the Knit Club holiday to Kirstie Allsop's Devon cottage at the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to it, a long weekend of knitting with my knitting friends!! There should be lots to blog about after that!

Amy went to her friend's house for a  Halloween sleepover, doing her own take on her fancy dress this year:

Amy's 'Pop Art' Halloween fancy dress!

We had a little fireworks party at our house with Chris' parents and brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. They're all getting a bit old for it now, but they still like sparklers!

Chris and Amy with their sparklers!

I've done quite a lot of reading recently, 'The Bell Jar' by Slyvia Plath from my classics list, 'To my best friends' by Sam Baker and 'Between a Mother and her Child' by Elizabeth Noble to name a few that I can remember! We also went to see the new James Bond film, 'Skyfall' which was fantastic! I'd probably have to say it's my favourite Bond film ever! I'm looking forawrd to seeing the final Twilight film 'Breaking Dawn part 2' and 'The Hobbit' soon too, so there's lots to look foward to!

That's all for now! Have a good week if you're reading this!!

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