Sunday, 17 February 2013

February so far...

Well, half term has been and is almost gone. I took the week off as Amy hadn't got any firm plans about what she was doing, and as a result of sitting around at her beck and call I've achieved nothing!!

We went into town on Tuesday with Chris, he set up his laptop in his favourite cafe/deli 'Munch' and worked for a few hours, while Amy and I, after a quick drink and bite to eat moved on. Some days, Amy is a typical teenager, moaning, huffing and puffing and not hapy to be in town by was one of those days. In an attempt to change her mood without an arguement, I'd made secret plans that involved walking to Grove Park (more moans). However, once we were there, my plan not only worked but resulted in an abrupt mood change for the better, the moody teenager became human again!! Not only that but she seemed to become a younger version of herself- the pictures below show my secret weapons....

So there you have it...all the ingredients you need to add to your moody teenager to transform them are a bagful of monkey nuts, squirrels, a quiet park and a bit of sunshine!

The day got better for Amy as that evening with two of her friends and their Mum, we went to Bristol to see 'All Time Low' at the O2 Academy. The support act were predictably awful, but ATL were pretty good, from what I could hear of them above the screaming! They are an American soft punk/pop band that sound very much like Busted, Amy's favourite group.

She's off to see Example in Cardiff next month, but fortunately Chris is taking her to that one- I think I got the better end of the deal!

Chris was away fro most of Valentine's Day, arriving home just as I was off to my eveining step class. I did make an effort for him though, I baked him a chocolate sponge cake that actually rated as the best one I've ever made! Mary Berry would've been proud of me!

The blanket I knitted for Yvonne and Christos' baby, Xavian, was delivered to them last week along with a matching bunny. They liked it a lot and it seems to fit in with the colours in the nursery very well, so I'm glad I went for the traditional colours rather than the yellow/white/beige combo I had considered.

I've started my next project, completely out of sequence as it wasn't on my to do list at all! My lovely friend Bronwen made it and posted a pic on Instragram. As soon as I saw it I had to make it, so she gave me the pattern. It's a lovely lacy snood. I've never done lace knitting before as it's always scared me, but I had a couple of practise rows, then cast on for the proper one. It was all going so well. I took it to Knit Club and did quite a bit there. I was up to row 9 of the actual patterned section, had a lifeline, then realised as I finished the row I was one stitch short! No problem, I went back to my lifeline on the purl row. Still one stich the hell did that happen? I still don't know. Needless to say, the unpicking went hideously wrong so I had to frog the lot. I will not be beaten though, I am casting on again as soon as I finish up here. No pictures yet, but next time, I promise.

I'm making good progress with my Christmas present, my Fitbit One. We go everywhere together so my every step is counted and monitored. I've done in excess of 10,000 steps every day since January 17th!! I just love my little gadget! I've lost 13lbs so far since just before Christmas too, which I'm delighted about. I can fit into another pair of jeans now, plus lots more skirts I bought for work but have never worn...hopefully I'll hit my stone tomorrow, then it's onto the next one...

Reading-wise I've read 'Rebecca' which I loved, much to my surprise, 'The 100 year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window' which was amazing and funny, and 'The Art of Fielding' by Chad Harbach, a story set around baseball which again I loved. Not a bad book so far this year!

Right, that lacy snood is taunting me...I'm off.

Have a good week everyone!

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