Monday, 20 May 2013

Lace Knitting

Just a quick post to prove that I do occasionally finish items...

The finished item

Close up of the lace (leaf) pattern

A lace tube!
I made it from 1.5 balls of Rowan cashsoft 4ply (shade 441) which is now sadly discontinued, bought from Suzie at the Wool Sanctuary. It is lovely to knit with and wear against your skin.

This was my first attempt at lace knitting. I made a shorter version of the snood than the pattern, so it’s more of a neckwarmer, but I’m really pleased with it. I had to unpick the whole last section and re-knit it because of a mistake on the penultimate line that went badly wrong when I tried to correct it, only to make the same mistake again. This time I carried on, so there is a mistake in the finished piece (and many more that I am yet to notice I expect) but I don’t care, I still love it!

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