Sunday, 23 June 2013

June News

The start of June saw a gym competition for Amy, the Welsh Open Aerobic Gymnastic Competition at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff. Normally she'd be part of a trio, but for this competition the routine was adapted for two of them to do as a pair as one girl was away. This time it didn't quite go to plan on the day so no medals, but it was a good experience still, although Amy was pretty down for a while afterwards. We did get some nice shots though (thanks to Dave and Sam!)

Amy doing one of the elements in her routine, a hinge wenson!

Straddle lever, another element

The following day I did a 10 mile sponsored walk for out local hospice with a friend who lost her husband to cancer two and a half years ago. It was a beautiful day, quite emotional at times, but well worth the effort, the views across the Mendips were amazing. If we could guarantee the weather for next year, I'd sign up again now!

Me and Moira

Yesterday was horrible weather, cold, high winds and on/off must be the Airday! Fortunately the show still took place with different aircraft flying all afternoon. I only managed to catch the last hour, but this hour had the highlights, the last flight of the Vulcan Bomber, which never ceases to amaze me (surely it's too big to be airborne?) and the Red Arrows which I love. They are fantastic pilots, especially when you realise just how windy it was and how low the cloud base was!

Vulcan Bomber
Vulcan Bomber over Brean Down
Vulcan Bomber leaving Weston - forever!
The Red Arrows

I've managed to get a bit of knitting done too, I'm over half way through my 'Edwin Creams' handwarmers by Suzie Johnson of The Wool Sanctuary and have just started on another Debbie Bliss striped baby blanket, for friends of Chris, Ed & Kelly, who are expecting their first baby, a girl, next month. Better get a move on with that!

Edwin Creams knitted in Rowan Cashsoft 4ply (in grey)

Just needs sewing up

The start of the blanket, there's a lot more knitting to do here! Knitted in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Well, that's about it for to do some more knitting as the weather is still nasty!

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