Saturday, 8 February 2014


I have finally finished my 'Garden Gate Vest' by Vera Sanon knitted in Rowan Pure Wool Aran. I don't know why it took so long (other than being interrupted by scarf knitting for Christmas) as it was a very easy knit. It felt like the sewing up took longer...I procrastinated for a long time before finally working out how to do mattress stitch- thank-you You Tube! The photo isn't great as the weather is too dull to model it, but I didn't want to wait!

I've also bought the pattern and yarn for my next project, the 'Sally' top by Lisa Richardson in the new Rowan magazine (No 55) in Handknit Cotton. I'm going for a purple/dusky pink combo which I hope will look good... Amy has a gym competition next weekend, so I'm hoping to get it underway for then!

I have also finally found a new home for my Suzie Johnson knitted house collection. We needed a new coat rack in the hallway as the coats were hung right up against a wall which was going mouldy as there was no air circulation. The solution was for Chris to fashion a little shelf with a bar (for hanging saucepans on!) underneath so we can hang the coats on little 'S' hooks. The shelf looked quite empty until my row of cottages moved in and now it looks complete. Happy days!

We went to see Frank Turner in Cardiff during the week, it was a great show! I don't know how we managed to be unaware of him for so long, even after he sang at the opening ceremony for London 2012...but at least we're on board now. If you've not heard of him before, have a listen to his album 'Tapedeck Heart' - it's great.

Lastly, I have bragging rights in the house (at least until next weekend) as Liverpool (my team) just beat Arsenal (Chris' team) 5-1...whoop whoop!!

Have a good weekend!

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